Happier Parents And Students Leads To 
A LOT Of Amazing Things
Increased satisfaction both from parents and students leads to a dream studio/school which includes things like...

*Students stay enrolled longer
*Students advance faster and further
*People start to notice your students and your reputation soars
*Word of mouth spreads and your schedule grows fuller and fuller
*You have a waiting list and can be more picky about what students you accept
*You can charge higher rates
*Teaching becomes much, much more enjoyable and rewarding

Level Up Has The Outward Appearance Of A Curriculum
 But Is Actually 100% Flexible
To parents and students, it looks like the Level Up assignments are carefully planned and devised, straight from a giant curriculum binder. It appears to them that there are very specific steps all students must take in order to pass a level, similar to an intense musical festival or exam. This gives the program prestige and respect. However, Level Up is not a curriculum in any sense of the word. Every level contains such a large list of available songs and tasks for instructors to choose from that teachers can continue to choose whatever assignments are best for that particular student at that particular time like they always have. They can even create their own custom from-scratch songs and challenges. For this reason, it is suitable for teachers who are both employees or independent contractors. Level Up simply puts a new facade on the teacher’s assignment, adding more power and authority to it.
Everyone Loves The Level Up Songs
The Level Up songs are a really fun and unique part of the program that tends to be a favorite among students, parents, AND teachers. Every level contains a long list of available songs which include audio tracks or Youtube links. Parents, students, and teachers can easily browse the available songs in their app and listen to them. The songs are a hit because they tend to be just a bit more challenging than the student’s actual level of playing, while still being within reach. This makes the songs feel really special, and also naturally makes for awesome recital and competition pieces. Students are really proud to be able to play such a challenging piece, and parents are proud, too.
The App Is Really Easy To Use
Every time a teacher needs to give a new Level Up assignment or mark one as completed, it can all be done from anywhere (lesson room, home, office) quickly and easily. They can quickly access their list of students, browse through the list of available songs and challenges for that student’s level, and assign one with just the click of a button. The app will track what assignments have been given, and any can be marked completed at any time. Whether assignments have been given or marked as completed, parent and student get an automatic email and description of the assignment. Everything is automated and intuitive.
The Program Requires Little To No Admin Support
Many motivational programs such as this require ongoing support and follow-up from an administrator, whether that be the teacher or studio owner. Once Level Up is launched in a school or studio, everything basically runs itself. Task and level assignments and completions are all automatically tracked.
School Owners Are Provided With Data 
About Their Teachers And Students
The backend admin software tracks everything, allowing the studio owner to see which teachers and students are using the program or not using the program, what types of assignments teachers are giving, and what level all the students are at. You can finally track the finer details of what is going on in your school without having to ask. 
Level Up Acts As An Objective Measurement Tool
If you have ever wanted to develop an honors recital or program for students at a higher level, you can simply use Level Up as a measurement tool. No more special invitations or parents asking why their child wasn’t invited. 
Makes Transfers Between Teachers Smoother
If students switch teachers or you need to replace a teacher, all the student’s data can simply be transferred to their new teacher with the click of a button within the backend software. This way the new teacher can quickly and easily see what type of assignments and music the student has completed and what level they are in, making it easy for them to continue progress from there without wasting any time.
The Reward Program Is Completely Customizable 
Based On The Studio’s Budget And Preference
Unlike other reward programs which force you to purchase specific rewards through them (usually marked up), Level Up gives the studio owner complete control over which (if any) rewards are part of their custom program. Options can vary from stickers and sticker charts to certificates to medals to ribbons to wristbands to trophies to anything else you can think of! And because the levels are all associated with a color (like the karate black belt system), any reward display you create will look really awesome in your studio or lobby. So if your budget prompts you to just use stickers and certificates (extremely reasonably priced) for now, then so be it! You can always add more rewards in later.
All Marketing Materials And Resources Are Provided For You
All the materials and resources you’ll need including done-for-you logos, a promotional video, posters, stickers, sticker charts, certificates, emails, a webpage template, and more are available to you at no additional charge. There is a resource page available directly through your admin software which is constantly being added to.
Direct Support And Assistance From Level Up's Creator
You will have direct access to support and communication with the creator of the program any time you need it! Jessica also runs three of her own successful music schools in which she utilizes this program. Because she is currently testing and experimenting with the program with her own students, teachers, and schools, she is constantly improving on it and providing more tips and resources. Level Up has been highly successful in her own schools, and is one of the reasons they have grown to over 1,800 students in less than 8 years. She is dedicated to ensuring the program is successful in every studio or school who becomes a member. She is open to feedback and requests for enhancements.
Facebook Group
There is a support group available through Facebook so you can get even more support, tips, and ideas from active users!