Teachers Love It
If you ask a teacher what their favorite type of student is, most will answer something along the lines of “a student who practices what I ask”. The job of a music teacher can oftentimes be exhausting, draining, and frustrating, especially when they spend their time repeating lessons or practicing with students because they didn’t practice at home. Every teacher’s dream job is one in which students are consistently completing practice assignments. When this happens, their job suddenly becomes a thousand times more fulfilling, inspiring, interesting, enjoyable, and energizing. Because one of the main results of Level Up is greater practice motivation in students, it is an ideal solution for teachers at any stage, whether fresh and new or burned out.
Teachers Naturally Become More Successful
Music school owners: have you ever wished your teachers taught more like you? Does it sometimes seem like that would solve most of the problems in your school? Level Up gets them just a little bit closer to that ideal by doing a lot of the work for your teachers. It makes them appear more organized and structured even if they aren’t and like they have spent a lot of time lesson planning even if they haven’t.