Parents Can Finally See Progress
It can be difficult for most parents to see or understand progress in music lessons. And as the people who are not only paying for the lessons, but also working with the student at home or listening to them complain about practice, it is understandable why they often throw in the towel so easily and pull their child out of lessons. Other than the occasional completion of a method book or a successful recital, parents are often pretty clueless about the little victories that are happening all the time. 

Level Up is so incredibly straightforward and easy for parents to understand, and the graduations from one task to the next happen frequently enough for the parent to receive very consistent feedback of progress, encouraging them to keep their child in lessons, even if they’re having a bad day or week or even month of practice. It typically takes students about 12-18 months to complete a level. With 10 tasks assigned in every level, this means the student and parent will see a “leveling up” every 1-2 months, as opposed to waiting for a recital or method book completion which typically happens every 6-12 months. 

And even if parents are not around to receive the news of a “leveling up”, they will receive an automatic email and notification through their app describing the exact details of the accomplishment. Parents are not going to pull their child out of something they see them succeeding in every month or so.
Parents Trust Standardized Programs
Parents trust standardized “curriculums”, oftentimes more than they even trust their teacher, who they may not have known for very long. Parents feel good when their child is in a recognized program used by studios around the world. It makes them feel like they can relax a little more and trust the process. It also makes them feel like their child is special and accomplished for being able to participate in the program.