A Message From the Level Up Team:

We're sad to say that we aren't offering the Level Up Music Achievement Program to any new schools or teachers as of Summer 2021. This isn't a forever thing, but it is a right now thing.

What does this mean for our existing schools and teachers?

Nothing! We'll be supporting you as we do now and have no plans of stopping. We won't be enhancing the apps or adding new features, but we'll kill any bugs that pop up and continue maintaining the backend to make sure that your experience stays fast and clean.

What comes next?

We have every intention to bolster our investment and support of the Level Up Music Achievement Program because we believe whole heartedly in the power of this program. If you're interested in seeing what we have planned, click the button below to stay in the loop. We'll email you when we pick this back up again and give you an opportunity try it out. No salesy gimmicks and no inbox clutter, just a heads up that we're back.

Thanks for your interest and we hope you'll come back - we know we will!

Love and Level Chasing,

Jessica & Joann
Are you looking for a way to keep your students motivated and practicing hard? 
Level Up is the easy solution you need to inspire students (and their parents) & improve student retention.
Make Your Music Studio UNSTOPPABLE with this breakthrough program that keeps kids motivated, engaged & actually wanting to practice!

Why Students Love It

What student doesn’t love leveling up and receiving rewards for their efforts. It creates an environment of learning that inspires them to practice more and stay in their lessons longer. Level Up is broken down into many small, achievable tasks. This helps to keep the positive momentum going to help them make quicker progress.

Why Parents Love It

Level Up is incredibly straightforward and easy for parents to use and understand. Parents are accustomed to standardized programs and Level Up helps to reinforce the progress their child is making. A parent who is happy and included in the process will be much more inclined to encourage their child to stick with their lessons and continue practicing. 

Why Teachers Love It

The way Level Up is structured makes the teachers job so much easier. They have an organized system already set up for them that alleviates a lot of the stress and pressure to have a lesson plan in place. Every teacher’s dream student is one who is motivated to practice and follows through on their assignments. With Level Up as their motivation, teachers have many more students who fit this ideal.

Why School Owners Love It

Level Up can be used to monitor student progress and the efficacy of the teachers. It requires little to no admin support so you can spend time on your business instead of monitoring teachers and students. Level Up also builds consistency for the students if their regular teacher isn't available, and with a large list of available songs and tasks, teachers have the flexibility to find the best fit for their student. 
$1.99 Per Student
Level Up costs $1.99 per month per student, and you can choose whether you want to pay that on behalf of your students or if you want to pass that cost onto them. It's completely up to you! 

Once you create a Level Up account, you'll not only get full access to the apps, but all licensed materials are yours for free. You own them!

You can cancel any time - there are no hidden fees or cancellation penalties.

Click the button below to receive more information and set up your account!
Get a free starter kit!
Sometimes you just need someone to walk you through the motions... We have your back!

Our starter kit will guide you through implementing Level Up in your studio in 35 minutes or less.
You can get this starter kit for a low one-time price of $99 with FREE SHIPPING and we will refund the FULL AMOUNT once your students have been using Level Up for 3 months!

Create your free account below, then email info@levelupmusicprogram.com and let us know you want the free starter kit. 

We'll mail it within 1 business day!
A note from Jessica...
Before I founded my music school, Expressions Music Academy in 2010 (which I have since grown to 5 locations, 2,000+ students and 115+ teachers), I was a full-time piano teacher maintaining 50+ students. 

Since that time, I have been obsessed with developing programs to help motivate students to practice harder and essentially... not quit lessons. 

In 2012, I launched my most successful program to date called the "Black Belt Achievement Program". In this simple program, students were encouraged to complete levels 1-10 by passing 3 official songs from each level. The program was a HUGE success in my school, and since that time, our growth exploded and retention rates improved. I pulled an extensive survey in my own school in 2016 with some impressive statistics including these highlights:

47% of parents chose 5 on a scale of 1-5 rating how much more motivated their child was to practice at home as a result of the Black Belt program. 31% chose a rating of 4.

58.5% said Black Belt was the reason they remained a student at our school!!!

81% of parents said the best possible enhancement we could add to the program was more non-song assignment options and an app to better track the program. So we listened!

We added more non-song assignment options, created the app, changed the name to Level Up, and now are offering it to you!
Jessica Schatz
Owner, Founder, & Creator of 
What Teachers Are Saying
Adam James 
Drum Instructor

The Level Up program has been tremendously helpful in motivating my participating students to practice more consistently with the goal of ascending to higher levels. It gives them a sense of accomplishment that's measurable and concrete. The program has also helped me structure lesson plans to optimize my students' focus while ensuring they improve in multiple areas to get the most well-rounded education possible on their instrument. I've had great results with this and am excited to bring more students into the fold.  
The Level Up program has proven favorable in the lives of many of the pianists that I teach. Students love the rewards....they love the challenge of the repertoire....and mostly they love to "level up." It gives them a boost of confidence, and that confidence helps fuel their desire to continue learning. As a teacher, what I love most is helping a student reach their goal through an efficient, yet fun program. The organization of the program along with it's incentives work together to help focus both the teacher's and the student's efforts with great rewards. This is a program that I plan to use with my students for many years to come!
Debi Szeliga
Piano Instructor
Kwamise Taylor
Piano Instructor
The Level Up Program has been a great tool to use in my private piano studio. It was developed for teachers by a practicing teacher. It is incentive-based, but goal-oriented and assists the student in taking responsibility for his/her progress. The program can be customized to fit any age and/or curriculum, classroom or private setting, and supplements the learning process seamlessly. Implementing this program will help develop a self-motivated, confident learner. My students love it.
What Students Are Saying
The Level Up program at Expressions Music Academy challenges students to work hard and improve as musicians. For each level, you have to master songs and also complete challenges. This program has helped me progress further with my instrument. The satisfaction when I pass a song or a level is amazing and I feel proud of my accomplishment. I am currently working on the teal level (number 6)!! The program gets harder as you move up to higher levels, but after all the hard work, it really pays off.
Ben T., 11
What Parents Are Saying
Sumi V.
parent of Suraj, 9
The Level Up program is a great way for kids to hone their musical skills by learning more advanced music than their current level. My son, Suraj, has greatly benefited from this program. When he learns and practices pieces from the Level Up program, I can really see an accelerated improvement in his performance. Practicing to play challenging pieces helps him learn music from his normal level much faster. The different challenges in each level also help reinforce concepts in music theory. Suraj feels a great sense of achievement when he completes a challenge and it keeps him motivated! Overall, I feel this is a great program that music students can benefit from immensely.
The Level Up program has been wonderful for my daughter because it introduces challenges and music that push what she is capable of doing. When she spends time on a piece--when it starts out seeming very difficult to her and she practices and practices until she gains mastery--she has such an incredible sense of accomplishment. Her Level Up pieces are more challenging than the standard curriculum, and when she's practicing at home, they're the ones that she plays with the most excitement. What a wonderful combination! Nurturing her love of music while at the same time demonstrating that persistence, determination and hard work really do matter in violin, in school and in life.
Rachael S.
parent of Tess, 7
Melissa S.
parent of Ivy, 8
As a parent, I really appreciate the Level Up program because it helps me understand exactly what Ivy needs to do to make progress in her lessons. I know very little about music/music education, I do not play an instrument and I previously could not read music at all, so it would be hard for me to gauge where she is and where she's headed in her lessons without the steps in the app. I'm also a very organized/methodical person, so I love how each level is set up with specific challenges and goals to make sure they're moving forward, but it’s nice that it also includes some flexibility for the student/teacher to personalize each level because they only have to pick some of the challenges to complete.  
Want to chat?
If you aren't quite sure how this program will work for you, I'd love to talk to you. 

My name is Joann Schatz, and I'm the Director of Product Development at Level Up. If this name sounds familiar to you, it's probably because I share the same last name as the owner and creator Jessica Schatz... 

We're sisters!

I have over 10 years of experience developing software in the metro Detroit area and Jessica brought me on the team in 2019 to help revolutionize the app and make it as effective for YOU as it possibly can be.

If you'd like to have a quick, no-obligation chat or simply have some questions about the program, book a call with me and we'll walk through things together.
It's SO Unbelievably Easy to Set Up and Run Level Up

Create your free account in less than a minute. Begin receiving emails with more information about the program.

Select the instruments you offer in your studio, decide which Level Up assignments you want to be available to your teachers (choose what we already have available or create your own), add your students and teachers with our easy import tool, and assign each student their instrument and teacher.

You're done! From here, the program will run itself. Feel free to check into your admin dashboard at any time to see what your teachers and students are up to. Track the assignments being given, watch your students level up, add or delete instruments, assignments, teachers, or students at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this program for private studios with one teacher or full music schools with multiple teachers? 
Both! We have many private teachers with 5-50 students using this program and many music schools with multiple teachers and instruments teaching anywhere from 10-2,000+ students!
What instruments does this program accommodate? 
Level Up accommodates students and teachers in any instrument or program, including piano, voice, drums, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, string bass, clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn, horn, baritone/euphonium, trombone, tuba, or whatever instrument or program you want to add to your custom program.
Is Level Up only for beginners and kids? 
Absolutely not! Level Up is for all ages and skill levels. Each teacher will be prompted to set the starting level of each individual student during set up, allowing them to fully customize the program for students as inexperienced as 1 month all the way up to decades of experience! And goal-setting and tracking progress is motivating for EVERYONE, so teens and adults love the program, too! 
How can students use the program if they don't have a phone? 
The student app is actually a family app. Most accounts will be created by the parent using their email address, and most commonly it will be the parent who is interacting with the app. It was designed this way and is a good thing because keeping parents in the loop is a primary objective of Level Up and a primary strategy in helping to keep students in lessons! We have fun sticker charts and special assignment sticky notes available for the kids to track their own progress if they don't have a phone. 
Is Level Up a strict curriculum? 
No, Level Up isn't a curriculum at all, actually! It was created to APPEAR as a structured, elite curriculum to parents and students, but to teachers and studio owners, it is actually 100% customizable. The song and challenge lists are not only large enough to provide tons of choices for teachers when giving assignments, but songs and challenges can also be deleted or edited or even brand new ones of your choice added. This way, teachers don't have to actually change the way they are teaching - they can simply turn all of their normal assignments into Level Up assignments and watch their students' motivation soar!
Are we required to purchase rewards for the students? 
The reward system for Level Up is 100% flexible and customizable depending on your budget and preferences. We will provide you with options to consider, and then you can decide for yourself which (if any) rewards you will offer to your students for passing levels. If you do decide to purchase rewards, they can be purchased individually on your own through our recommended companies (this means you can shop for the best deals and don't have to worry about mark-ups!)
Does this program really cost nothing for me? 
That's up to you!

The program costs $1.99 per month per student. You can choose whether to pass that cost on to your students, or pay it yourself. Either way, there are no other charges or costs associated with the program besides the $1.99 monthly fee. 

If you decide to have your students cover the cost, they are conveniently charged right through the app store using the account they already have on file. You don't need to track or ask for payments or do anything. When you set up your account and add your students, the program will take it from there and send your families an app download link and their unique login information, at which point they can decide whether they want to subscribe.

Or, if you prefer to pay on behalf of your students, your account will be charged $1.99 per active student during that billing cycle. 
I want more information. How does this program work? 
Click the button below to set up your free account and begin receiving a series of information emails about the program.
I need support - How do I contact you? 
You can email us at info@levelupmusicprogram.com and we will respond very quickly.
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